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Naschledanou surgery.indeed with good team mates,any posting is survivable and enjoyable.thanks to my team for making this so called ‘hell dept’ as the best posting ever.i’ll be missing evryone of you coz i know its difficult to have such good team in future 😭.may god bless us all,esp those who havent finish surgical yet.mihihi 😋😋
Teatime with him 😊 (at Starbucks)
Hello pot diksen! ⛵🚤🚣🌅🌄 (at Avillion Admiral Cove Water Chalet&Hotel(Port Dickson))
How much sweeter can u be  😍
I am not a pink-lover.sekian ✌
Waking up to this at 2am.senkiuuuu @arfazhafran!.ilang sme penat keje rini.come home quick peyiss 😂💐🌹🌷🌸 (at Asrama Doktor Pelatih / Trainee Doctor Hostel)
Worth every cent 👍

Ouch. So me. Sorryyy ; p
Udang galah masak lemak cili api at 1130pm #postcall #late dinner